Low-volume manufacturing

What and Why?

You don’t always need 200,000 products. Or perhaps you want to validate a design and material before starting production of expensive tooling systems. In those cases, low-volume manufacturing is the right option for you.

We offer the following solutions for low-volume manufacturing:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Vacuum casting
  • Low-volume injection moulding


Additive manufacturing: Short lead time for the production of parts, while guaranteeing high precision and product durability. Complex yet lightweight geometries can be produced without an increase in part price compared to conventional designs.


Vacuum casting: As we use silicone tooling to cast parts, the tool can be used multiple times to reproduce the same part. The materials used are resins, with properties comparable to those of most known plastics.


Low-volume injection moulding: Using tools made from aluminium or steel, we use high-volume production techniques and materials for low-volume production – which is the main advantage of this technique.

As both tools and parts are produced locally, you are in control of the project in every phase of the process, allowing you to make modifications in the best possible conditions.

Looking to build prototypes or small batches? We’re here to help.