Design & Engineering


Design is not only about shaping an object. There’s a lot more to it: integrating functionalities, ergonomics, industrial standards that need to be met, etc.

However, technical issues often require re-designs. With our background in engineering coatings and materials, we offer innovative solutions that help you to take the next step – while we’re already thinking two steps ahead.


During each step of product development, we can jump in and offer advice on innovative solutions. Or do you want us to take control? We start with a clean slate and offer you the complete solution without any hassle.


We believe in innovation to outrun your competitors and convince the market. Too often, designers think in terms of familiar production techniques, such as milling and injection moulding. However, we have more up our sleeve. Because we have the most innovative production techniques available in-house, we don’t need to offer the cheapest option – we offer the best one.

Want to turn your idea or design into reality? We’re here for you.