Machine designers and builders


Machine requirements are getting increasingly complex. Customers demand ever increasing outputs, while expecting energy consumption to decrease. One way to achieve this is by reducing materials, weight and the number of components. This can be accomplished by integrating multiple functionalities into one part, or combining multiple parts in one structure.

However, we are taking it one step further, starting from scratch. By combining innovative materials such as composites with other production techniques, we can offer options that will put you ahead of your competitors again!

Medical devices are often produced in low volumes. This makes it difficult to apply serial production techniques, particularly because of strict compliance requirements. Our Direct Digital Manufacturing solution combined with the application of industrial and innovative coatings is a suitable alternative.

Do you need EMC-shielded products that comply with medical guidelines? Or do you need parts that can be cleaned or even sterilized?  Let us look at your product and come up with a solution. Have we mentioned that we can also assemble and calibrate your device?




Ensuring continuous quality combined with a high output often requires good tools and jigs. While these are not new, we bring an innovative approach to this field. Once at the drawing board, we take other aspects such as wear, weight and ergonomics into account.

Are your parts sensitive to scratching?  No worries: we’ll cover the contact surfaces with soft materials within the tight tolerances of your tools and avoid nuts and bolts in sensitive areas.

We deliver all our tools with a 3D quality report, while we can also take care of the calibrations that are needed to check how accurate our tools still are.

This is Tenco DDM at its best. Unfortunately, there is not too much we can tell you about these projects. First of all because we always work under NDA and we don’t want our customers to lose their advantage over their competitors. However, we can give you a glimpse of what we’re doing. 

We like being challenged by our customers and we look further than just parts or buildings. Innovative designs often require different solutions when it comes to assembly and finishing. Therefore, we work closely together and want to witness every step of the process to give you maximum support.



What can we build for you? We’d love to hear about your plans.