VDL Nedcar

VDL NEDCAR is a factory based in the Netherlands where the BMW X1 and Mini cars are produced.

VDL Nedcar contacted Tenco DDM for the development of tooling for the assembly line.

Why they reached out to us

VDL Nedcar was not only looking for tools, but also for a complete package. It all started with a milled tool that was difficult to use on the curved shape of certain models and that was therefore unstable.

The Strategy

On the production line, we spoke with the engineering team and the operators about their wishes and requirements before we started with the tool design. We made a careful study of the operator at work so we could come up with an ergonomic solution.

During the design phase, VDL Nedcar was contacted to check the design and approve it before the tool went into production.

Once the tool had been produced, the prototype tool was tested on the production line. Once the customer was happy, the final tool was produced and 3D-measured when ready. The tool was delivered with a complete 3D measuring report to meet BMW requirements.

Proven Results

Together with VDL Nedcar we’ve been integrating innovative carbon fibre tools on the production line. Not only are these tools lightweight, which improves the ergonomics, they are also a lot more stable than the usual aluminium tooling systems.

And what challenge do you have in store for us?