O-Rouge is a Belgian manufacturer of racing simulation equipment. Their focus is on personalised products, which is why they contacted Tenco DDM for both product development and small batch production.

Why they reached out to us

O-Rouge produces high-end products for the sim-racing market. As they focus on high-quality finishing and personalised products with a minimalist design, they got in touch with Tenco DDM.

During the design phase, it became clear that the minimalist design is ideal for low-volume production. We designed parts with several integrated functions (e.g. the feed for the simulator frame and the display for the steering wheel) so that even with low-volume production, assembly is easy for the customer.

The Strategy

​O-Rouge provided the ideas, Tenco DDM did the rest.

Before the start of the project, a shortlist was made of  ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’, as well as technical requirements.

The next step was to make a first design. The virtual product was evaluated in terms of look and feel – an important step in this highly demanding market.

Once the general design was approved by O-Rouge, we made the first prototype so it could be tested. Our prototypes can be used for mechanical testing but also for market research.

As O-Rouge offers tailor-made solutions in a high-end segment, the volumes are low, so every component that is not available in the market is produced using additive manufacturing and is finished at Tenco DDM.

Last but not least: all components, e.g. the steering wheel with electronics, are assembled and packed to be shipped.

Proven Results

Together with O-Rouge, we developed the first air-cooled sim-racing chair, called ‘cold fusion’. Using innovative materials such as a 3D nylon weave, we created a state-of-the-art product that improves the performance of sim racers.

For the serialized production of the chair, we use additive manufacturing to produce the ventilation grids and the button holders, which are finished in-house.

And what challenge do you have in store for us?