Ghent (B)-based company Molecubes designs and produces desktop molecular imaging devices.

Why they reached out to us

Molecubes was looking for a small number of components but had high demands for cleaning and molecular imaging. It had already tested some materials from other manufacturers, but without success.

As Tenco DDM produces parts using additive manufacturing with high accuracy and a superb surface finish, Molecubes saw improvement on their scanning results.

The Strategy

During a first test, we got the confirmation that our materials and coatings could be used for molecular imaging and that they could be cleaned with medical cleaning products.

After reviewing the design, Tenco DDM advised on some ways to produce the parts in a better and more economical way.

Since 2018, Tenco DDM takes care of the complete production of certain components and of the full assembly, calibration and stocking of the beds.

Since 2021, Tenco DDM has been working together with Molecubes on the development of a new type of component using advanced materials and production techniques. Here, our knowledge in high-end materials and manufacturing techniques proved particularly useful.

Proven Results

Tenco DDM has been recommended to other companies in the same field by Molecubes. Do we need to say more?

And what challenge do you have in store for us?